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Russian elite against globalization - World Bank survey

Washington, 6 June: The majority of the Russian elite comes out against globalization - such was one of the unexpected results of a new international sociological survey by the World Bank among so-called opinion leaders (top-ranking officials, renowned entrepreneurs and trade union leaders, scientific and cultural activists as well as journalists).

According to the survey, negative attitude to globalization by the majority of polled public opinion leaders was registered apart from Russia only in Indonesia, Mali and Yemen.

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According to research by the Pew Research Centre for The People and The Press, common Russians don't share pessimistic moods of their elite. It was a large-scale research, and most of its participants in Russia not only consider international integration an inalienable part of the present-day life, but also welcome such of its manifestations as growth of trade and economic ties and cultural exchange as well as possibility to make foreign trips.

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