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From: "Dmitri Glinski" <dmitri_glinski@dialup.ptt.ru>
Subject: Conference
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003

Dear David,

I would like to pass around the information about a forthcoming conference in Moscow that is organized by two academic and policy institutes - IMEMO (Institute of World Economy and International Relations), of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and IPROG (Institute of Globalization Studies), with generous support by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The subject of the conference is:

Russia in the Global Core-Periphery Relationship: A Status Quo Power or an Agent of Change?

The conference, that will take place on June 10, will involve scholars from a range of academic and policy institutions, as well as Duma deputies. Conference papers and discussion materials will be issued in a separate publication, and I hope to share with you and the JRL audience the most important papers after they will be translated into English.

As seating is limited, those willing to participate in the discussion are invited to contact the organizers directly - either myself, or Dr. Vladimir Georgievich Khoros, Director of IMEMO's Center for the Study of Development and Modernization, at khoros@rol.ru or by phone (120-8232).

Dmitri Glinski
Deputy Director, Institute for Globalization Studies
phone / fax (7-095) 147-7014
e-mail dmitri_glinski@dialup.ptt.ru

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