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#21 - JRL 7210
BBC Monitoring
Greenpeace protests at Russian failure to implement Kyoto protocol
Source: Ekho Moskvy radio, Moscow, in Russian 0800 gmt 4 Jun 03

[Presenter] The Greenpeace organization is holding a protest today outside the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. The ecological activists are protesting about the Russian government's disregarding international efforts to protect the environment. They say the ministry is intending to delay Russia's ratification of the Kyoto protocol, the coordinator of Greenpeace's climate programme, Natalya Olegirenko [as heard - Russian Greenpeace website refers to her as Olefirenko] told Ekho Moskvy.

[Olefirenko] [Economic Development and Trade] Minister [German] Gref bears personal responsibility for the non-implementation of the government's order.

In the situation that has developed he would probably be interested in sorting out the matter and taking a final decision when the documents are sent to the government.

Our research has shown that more than likely issues related to corruption are having an influence, and that pressure is being exerted from certain circles in the USA, which are not interested, to a great extent for political reasons, in Russia ratifying the Kyoto protocol.

In political terms, Russia is losing face. From the economic point of view, Russia is losing the chance to get substantial investment in energy conservation and in the modernization of production facilities.

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