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#12 - JRL 7209
Russia to air fears over NATO expansion at NATO-Russia Council

Moscow, 3 June: Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov will attend a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council which opens in Madrid on Tuesday [3 June]. [passage omitted]

Participants in the meeting will discuss a number of regional problems, including the situation in and around Afghanistan, a settlement of the Iraqi problem and the military aspects of European security. [passage omitted]

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Yakovenko, Russia continues to work towards "bringing home to NATO its concerns over the possible military consequences of NATO expansion". "We intend to insist on clear and unambiguous guarantees that the arms and armed forces of other countries will not be deployed on the territory of the Baltic states," he said.

Moscow has taken into consideration the statements of political leaders of some NATO member states and of Baltic countries on their allegiance to the principles of military restraint, the Russian diplomat added. [passage omitted]

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