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JRL #7206 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Iran Nuclear Program & Russia 1 Russia 'halting Iran nuclear help.' BBC
Bush & Chicken
2 George Bush Sees Chicken as Key to US-Russian Relations Rosbalt
St. Petersburg Tricentennial, Media 3 Russian media sees fanfare, little progress at anniversary bash AFP
St. Petersburg Tricentennial 4 Sixty billion rubles spent on St. Petersburg festivities Interfax-Northwest
Putin Judo 5 Putin Says Judo Values Help Him Win ITAR-TASS
Media 6 Russian major independent TV to be cut off for debts Interfax
Prisons 7 Russian prison population decreasing Interfax
Economic Reform, Kudrin 8 Russian finance minister hopes structural reform will boost economic growth ITAR-TASS
Human Rights 9 Russia: the Coronation of the Godfather. (French Philosopher Criticizes West's Leniency Toward Russian Human Rights Abuses) Le Monde
Andre Glucksmann
Budget, Illarionov, Putin 10 Illarionov Says Putin Stands for Reducing Unsupported Budget Spending ITAR-TASS
Budget & Putin 11 Putin Warns as Budget Debate Begins Moscow Times
Valeria Korchagina
Russian Economy 12 Bear Market for President Moscow Times
Boris Kagarlitsky
News Summary 13 TV1 Review Luba Schwartzman
UES, Chubais 14 UES chief puts his faith in capitalism. (Chubais) Financial Times (UK)
Arkady Ostrovsky
Iraq & Russia 15 Russia's future in Iraq still vague gazeta.ru
EU Summit 16 Russia: Good-Natured Atmosphere Of EU Summit Belies Deeper Problems RFE/RL
Jeremy Bransten
China & Putin 17 Russia: On the Edge of a Multipolar World. Putin says relations with China are at their highest level ever as he tries to narrow the rift with Washington Transitions Online
Sergei Borisov
China & Putin 18 The Great Game in the Far East. The more important summit in Russia this week was arguably not between Putin and Bush, but between Putin and Chinas new president. Transitions Online editorial
Consumer Trends
19 Consumer Trends in Russia BISNIS Bulletin
(US Department of Commerce)
Polina Belkina
Vershbow on U.S.-Russian Relations 20

Getting U.S.-Russian Relations Back on Track

Alexander Vershbow