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JRL #7205 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Internet 1 Russian Internet traffic up 69% in Q1 Interfax
Russians Visiting United States 2 More Russians Visiting the U.S. Moscow Times
Robin Munro
Human Rights
3 A Glum Report Card on Russia Moscow Times
Matt Bivens
Chechen Rebels 4 Chechen rebels flag new campaign against Russia Reuters
Iraq Weapons Lab 5 Russia dismisses U.S. weapons lab proof claim Reuters
Nuclear Program
6 Russia Concerned Over Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program Haaretz Daily
U.S. Power 7 A Russian's Perspective On American Power Wall Street Journal
Dmitry Rogozin
Yeltsin 8 YELTSIN'S FAMILY: DIFFICULT TIMES. A new political alliance is being created. Rodnaya Gazeta
Valery Solovei
Oligarchs 9 THE STATE AND THE OLIGARCHS. The National Strategy Council predicts a coup d'etat in favor of tycoons. Konservator
Bank Ownership 10 Russian banks reluctant to list shares-central bank Reuters
Oligarch on Putin 11 Russian oligarch says Putin only valid presidential candidate for now. (Potanin) BBC Monitoring
Global Business 12 The Future of Russian Business in Global Markets. Vladimir Potanin, president and chairman of the board of Interros Carnegie Endowment for International Peace meeting report
Chubais 13 THE POSITION OF A GRAY CARDINAL IN THE KREMLIN. Chubais is preparing the position of the Kremlin's Gray Cardinal for himself. Rodnaya Gazeta
Alexander Golovkiv
Alexander Shakhunyants
Air Force One
Press Briefing
14 Press Background Briefing By Senior Administration Official. (re Bush trip to Russia) US White House