Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
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JRL #7185 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Czar 1 Tsar Nicholas II redeemed mistakes with martyr's death - poll Interfax
Crime, Curfew 2 Children face curfew in crime-hit Moscow Sunday Times (UK)
Mark Franchetti
Putin & Mafia 3 Russia's Putin advised German firm linked to Russian mob: press report AFP
Putin Address 4 NTV's "Freedom of Speech" discusses Putin's address BBC Monitoring
Chechnya 5 No End In Sight. The war in Chechnya helped Putin win the Russian presidency. With a wave of new suicide bombings, could it now become his downfall? Time Europe
Aisha Labi
Oil, Investment 6 Investors pile in to Russia. Huge oil deals have paved the way for more general investment as Moscow encourages foreign involvement. Sunday Times (UK)
Lucinda Kemeny
Mafia 7 Mob cash oils wheels of Russian economy The Guardian (UK): Patrick Collinson
Tony Levene
Iraq 8 Lessons of the War in Iraq Izvestia
Sergei Karaganov
St. Petersburg 9 Russia tastes its past and future. St Petersburg has survived some major invasions before, says Angus Roxburgh in the nation's second city. But can it handle the visiting hordes set to mark its 300th birthday? The Sunday Herald (UK)
St. Petersburg 10 Ready to Ruble. Prices Rise as St. Petersburg Fest Kicks Off. Washington Post
Suzanne Sataline
North Korea 11 Russia Turns to a Poor Neighbor for Cheap Labor. (North Korea) New York Times
James Brooke
Housing Reform 12 Putin and Chubais Move to Clean House. (re housing sector reform) Moscow Times
Alla Startseva