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Tsar Nicholas II redeemed mistakes with martyr's death - poll

MOSCOW. May 18 (Interfax) - Russia's last tsar Nicholas II, born 135 years ago, was a weak ruler who made many mistakes, but who redeemed his errors by dying a martyr's death, said 23% of the 1,600 respondents polled by the All-Russia Public Opinion Center in late April.

Nineteen percent of those polled said the Russian tsar fell victim to Bolshevik terror.

Eighteen percent of those surveyed blamed Nicholas II for abdicating and abandoning the nation in a difficult time and said he bears the responsibility for what happened to Russia after 1917.

Seventeen percent of those polled believe that Nicholas II brought the nation to poverty and catastrophe and was overthrown by the insurgent people, and 23% were undecided about the tsar's role.

Most of those who think that Nicholas II made many mistakes but redeemed his errors as a martyr were women, people under 25 and with a level of education higher than general education.

Men, citizens between 40 and 55 and with general education consider Nicholas II to be an innocent victim.

Men, citizens between 25 and 40 and with higher education believe that Nicholas II was responsible for what happened to Russia after 1917.

The last Russian tsar is viewed as a ruler overthrown by the desperate and insurgent people by men, respondents over 55 and with a higher or incomplete general education.

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