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Most Russians think U.S. imposes its values on other countries, poll shows

MOSCOW. May 15 (Interfax) - Only 1% of Russians believe that the United States of America is a guarantor of peace in the world.

The majority of respondents polled by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center in late April believe that the U.S. interferes in the affairs of other countries, imposes its values on them (61%) and is also trying to gain world dominance (61%).

The number of responses exceeds 100% as the respondents could choose more than one response.

Almost half of Russians consider the U.S. a rich country (48%) and a strong military power (43%), the poll shows.

At the same time, one in every six Russians (18%) believes that the U.S. promotes greed, bad taste and immorality.

Seventeen percent of the respondents consider the U.S. to be Russia's main military and political enemy and 15% think the U.S. is the principal enemy of all developing countries.

Ten percent of Russians consider the U.S. to be a democratic country, and another 10% consider it Russia's ally in the fight on international terrorism. Five percent believe Washington supports reactionist regimes and terrorism in other countries.

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