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JRL #7168 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Terrorism, Europe, U.S. 1 Terrorism, Fascism and Communism. Terrorism forces Russia to choose between Europe and the US. Izvestia
Nikolai Zlobin
Mars, Space 2 Russia, US agree to explore Mars together AFP
Iraq 3 Brezhnev, Bush and Baghdad www.thenation.com
Nina Khrushcheva
Iraq 4 'The Aesthenic Syndrome' and the Lessons of Iraq: Russia's Position Was Determined by Emotions, Not Reason. Moskovskiye Novosti
Dmitriy Furman
Media Repression 5 the end of Russia's purported press freedom William Dunkerley
St. Peterburg 6 St. Petersburg Will Be Recognized as 'Cultural Capital of the World' Rosbalt
SARS 7 First SARS case in Russia RosBusinessConsulting
Society 8 RUSSIAN PEOPLE HAVE CHANGED. (interview with Sergei KOLESNIKOV, deputy chair of the State Statistics Committee, re 2002 census) Vremya MN
Society 9 RUSSIAN SOCIETY AT A CROSSROADS. (interview with William SMIRNOV, deputy head of a department at the Institute of State and Law) Rodnaya Gazeta
Politics, Norilsk 10 Norilsk a Landmark Victory Moscow Times
Boris Kagarlitsky
Political Assassination 11 Unsolved, High-Profile Assassinations Haunt Authorities RFE/RL
Gregory Feifer
NATO 12 WHY IS NATO NOT CRUMBLING? Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Alexei Bogaturov
Chess 13 Politics and Chess in Russia Gerald Schendel
Ukraine 14 New Book on Ukrainian-Russian relations Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press
Bergson 15 Bergson--A Dissent John Wilhelm
Gas 16 Reforming the Gas Sector in Russia: Myths versus Reality. (William Browder) Carnegie Endowment for International Peace meeting summary