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JRL #7133 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Russian Elections 1 Russian leader sounds populist note as elections near Reuters
Iraq War, Russian Convoy 2 Russian convoy caught up in cross fire in Iraq - witness Interfax
Iraq, U.S.-Russian Relations 3 Bush aide seeks to smooth ties with Russia on Iraq Reuters
Iraq, Rice Visit 4 BUSH SENDS PUTIN A WOMAN. National security adviser will discuss Iraq with senior Russian officials. Vremya Novostei
Iraq War 5 SEVEN SURPRISES FROM THE WAR IN IRAQ. The Anglo-Saxons have suffered a moral and political defeat. Nezavisimaya Gazeta Andrei Kokoshin
Iraq War,
Russian Spies
6 There is really only one source of reliable information on this war - and it's coming from Russian spies The Guardian (UK)
John Sutherland
Iraq War,
London Forum
7 Iraq War Haunts London Forum Moscow Times
Andrei Zolotov Jr.
News 8 TV1 Review Luba Schwartzman
Russian Military 9 Defence minister set to bring back Soviet army gazeta.ru
Political Parties 10 THEY'RE NOT GOING TO GET THEM. The latest opinion poll results for Russia's major political parties. Rossiiskie Vesti
Sergei Fedotkin
Hostage Crisis
11 THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE PROVIDES SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Public opinion on Chechnya and the Moscow theater hostage-taking. Nezavisimoe Voennoe Obozrenie: Igor Khlebnikov
WMD Security 12 Report: Russian arms security lax. Moscow reportedly avoiding U.S. help. Chicago Tribune
Alex Rodriguez
Fashion 13 Russian Revolution. Their days in fashion Siberia are practically over. Russian models are now hotter than a bowl of borscht. Or cooler than ice-cold vodka. The Straits Times (Singapore)
Lionel Seah,
Aeroflot 14 A Face Lift for Down-at-Heel Aeroflot New York Times
Michael Wines
Iraq & Chechnya 15 Grozny and Baghdad: disturbing parallels Online Journal
Tristan Ewins