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Iraq crisis may test maturity of Russian-US relations - foreign minister
RIA Novosti

Moscow, 19 February: Cooperation between Moscow and Washington in settling the Iraq situation may become a test for the maturity of Russian-American relations.

"Maturity of relations reveals itself when complicated tasks are solved rather than easy ones," Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov has said, opening a meeting with Thomas Lantos, a member of the international committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress.

According to Ivanov, the Iraq situation is undoubtedly one of these problems. The minister expressed the hope that, "through a concerted effort, a solution to the Iraq problem will be found which will make it possible to consolidate stability in the world".

The Russian minister stressed that, "for many objective and subjective reasons, Russia and the USA bear special responsibility for maintaining stability in the world".

"I believe that the development of partnership relations between our countries meets not only the interests of Russia and the USA, but also the interests of international stability as a whole," Ivanov stressed.

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