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Subject: CMC Recent Publications
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003
From: "Natalia Kirpikova" <NataliaK@carnegie.ru>

Series of Lectures on
Economics: Leading World Experts at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
T. Maleva, A. Aslund (Eds.). In Russian.

Full text in Russian:


Contents and summary in English:


This book culminates a series of lectures that were held at the Carnegie Moscow Center between 1997 and 2000 and which involved world-famous foreign economists. The volume includes selected articles from the fields of political and applied economics; these articles, originally written in English, are based on research from various countries of the world, and formed the basis of the lecture series. The publication is aimed at economists and politicians, as well as a wider audience interested in world economic reform practices.


Nuclear Status Report.

Nuclear Weapons, Fissile Material, and Export Controls in the Former Soviet Union.

Jon Brook Wolfsthal, Crisitna-Astrid Chuen, Emily Ewell Daugherty (Eds.). In Russian

Full text in Russian: http://pubs.carnegie.ru/books/2003/01ap/

Original report in English:


Produced through the collaboration of experts from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Washington, D.C.), and the Center for Nonproliferation at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (Monterey, California), the report has also been translated into Russian. It presents a detailed survey of the Russian nuclear complex, Russian nuclear forces, and processes of Russo-American negotiations of nuclear limitation and reduction. In addition, it analyzes the program of joint threat reduction. The fourth chapter of the book includes data regarding nuclear structures in Belorus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine, while the fifth chapter (of the Russian publication) contains additional analysis of the Russian system of export controls. ----- Objective Factors of Corruption in the Exercise of Procedures of Financial Recovery of Enterprises. By Dmitri Vasiliev

Working Paper. Issue #9, 2002

Full text in Russian: http://pubs.carnegie.ru/workpapers/2002/wp0902.pdf

This publication presents a report prepared as part of the Corruption and State Reform project of the Carnegie Moscow Center. The report reviews the objective prerequisites for corruption in the activity of the Russian Federal Service of Financial Recovery of Enterprises, analyzes the current reform projects of this Service, and proposes measures for eliminating or reducing objective corruption-breeding factors.


Middle Class: Here and Now
Briefing #12, 2002
Tatyana Maleva

Full text in Russian: http://pubs.carnegie.ru/briefings/2002/issue12-02.asp

Full text in English:



The North Korean "Threat" and How to Counter It
Briefing #1, 2003
Alexander Pikaev

Full text in Russian: http://pubs.carnegie.ru/briefings/2003/issue01-03.asp

Full text in English: please see Win Word file Briefing-Pikaev-Jan2003.doc attached

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