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Population 1 Russia reports birth rate rise in otherwise gloomy demographic picture RIA Novosti
Iraq 2 Russia's Role in Iraq: Consequences and Expectations Washington Profile
A View from the Kremlin
Alexander Budberg
Iraq, Putin & France 3 Cozy Talks In Paris, But Putin Still Aiming To Strike Delicate Balance On Iraq RFE/RL
Jeremy Bransten
Media Repression 4 IFJ condemns draft law as "statement of failure" on media freedom BBC Monitoring
Children's Vote
5 Desperate rightists turn to children for support gazeta.ru
Chechnya 6 Chechnya Debate Robert Bruce Ware
Oil, Investment, BP 7 BP investment sounds unprecedented trust in Russian economy AFP
Oil, Investment, BP 8 Pioneer deal or Russian roulette? BP's Lord Browne is heading an oil rush into the East - but it's not without risk. The Independent (UK) Michael Harrison
Oil, Investment, BP 9 Russia's British turning point UPI
Sam Vaknin
Kremlin Portraits 10 President Ubiquitous. Vladimir Putin's likenesses. On a chiming watch, at 1,680 rubles. On a Safronov canvas, at 18,000. Moscow News
Mikhail Gokhman
Investment 11 Head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry on planned investment growth (Primakov) RosBusinessConsulting
Chechnya, Terrorists, Putin 12 Putin Says Al-Qa'ida Sends Money, 'Instructors' to Chechnya AFP
Iraq & Russian Veto, Putin 13 Russia sees no need for Iraq veto yet, Putin tells French TV BBC Monitoring
Media Repression, Pasko 14 Pasko Interviewed on Prison Experience, Discusses Future Plans Vremya MN