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BBC Monitoring
Putin asks emigres of "old Russia" to unite in support of homeland
Source: Channel One TV, Moscow, in Russian 1200 gmt 11 Feb 03

[Presenter] Today President [Putin] has again spoken about closer relations between Russian emigres in France and their historical homeland.

[Correspondent] ...What does the history of Russians abroad mean for you?

[Putin] Well, you know this question came up a number of times during our discussions just now. The people who met here spoke about how they represent the old Russia, emigre Russia. They would like to see a new Russia developing. I think that a more correct way of framing the issue is as follows: there should be just one Russia. We all want this - both those who live here and those of our countrymen who live in other countries, as well as citizens actually living in our country. We all want to see a Russia that is a strong and dynamically developing country - a country which we could all be proud of. This is our common objective, and I am sure we can achieve it.

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