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1. Reuters: Karl Emerick Hanuska, Amid global gloom, more Russians have cash to shop.
2. Interfax: Russian president's aide comments on economy growth.
3. UPI: Martin Sieff, The Year Ahead: The U.S. and Russia.
4. AP: Jim Heintz, Russia Veering to West-Oriented Course.
5. Itar-Tass: Muscovites see Kursk salvage as "the most pivotal event."
6. The Times (UK): Clem Cecil, Doubts raised over Russia's commitment to oil cutback.
7. The Times (UK): Clem Cecil, A wizard game for Russian muggles.
8. The Guardian (UK): Ian Traynor, Colonel commands share in post-Soviet prosperity. After a decade of upheaval, officers are among winners.
9. www.znet.org: Boris Kagarlitsky, The Riddle Of Putin.
10. The Independent (UK): Anthony Bryer, Obituary: Professor Sir Dimitri Obolensky.