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Russian liberal leader hopes for "constructive cooperation" with authorities

Moscow, 23 December: The main goal of Yabloko is to put Russia on the way of European development, Grigoriy Yavlinskiy said at a congress of the Yabloko Russian Democratic Party on Sunday [23 December]. The Yabloko movement was transformed into the party on Saturday, and Yavlinskiy was elected as the Party Chairman.

Yabloko realizes that freedom and justice are impossible without consciousness, tolerance and solidarity, therefore it recognizes the possibility and need for a constructive cooperation with the authorities, Yavlinskiy said.

Vladimir Lukin is first deputy chairman of Yabloko, while Aleksey Arbatov, Sergey Ivanenko, Sergey Mitrokhin and Igor Artemyev are chairman's deputies.

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who recently became the head of the Russian Social Democratic Party, attended the Yabloko congress. "The political and moral components" of the Yabloko programme coincide with the position of the Social Democrats on key issues, Gorbachev said. The Russian Social Democratic Party is ready for cooperation with Yabloko, he noted.

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