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1. Reuters: IMF says sound Russia policy protects from oil fall.
2. Reuters: Confident Russia to help crisis-hit Argentina.
3. Reuters: Putin to be in televised phone-in on Christmas Eve.
4. Bloomberg: Russia Says UN Must Approve Any New Anti-Terrorist Operations.
5. Moscow Times: Yevgenia Albats, Making Everything Nice and Easy.
6. Chicago Tribune: Colin McMahon, Storied zoo sees a wolf at the door. Russia's oldest rumored to be a developers' target. (St. Petersburg)
7. Financial Times (UK): Andrew Jack, Russia's oil barons feel a shift in power: The way cuts in output were agreed shows how the oligarchs are adjusting to life under President Putin.
8. Moscow Times: Alla Startseva, Chubais Doesn't Mind the Heat Over UES.
9. BBC Monitoring: Military reform failing, Central Asia being lost to USA - general. (Leonid Ivashov)
10. The Globalist: The Russian Roots of the Texan Mafia.
11. Washington Times: Franklin Kramer, Enemies of the states. Bureaucrats may battle Russian realignment.