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Disposable incomes in Russia increase by 5 per cent year-on-year

Moscow, 19 December: Real disposable incomes of Russian citizens, after deduction of mandatory payments and corrected against the index of consumer prices, increased in November 2001 by 1 per cent compared with the previous month, and by 5 per cent compared with November 2000, according to a report from Russia's State Statistics Committee received by Prime-TASS today.

According to the report, average per capita incomes of the Russian population amounted to R3,107.20 in November, which is 2.4 per cent higher than the figure for October 2001 and 28.2 per cent higher than in November 2000.

Preliminary figures show that average nominal wages [i.e. before tax and other deductions] rose by R140 to R3,655 in November, an increase of roughly 4 per cent compared with the previous month and 46.5 per cent more than in November last year. Real average monthly wages also rose in November, going up by 2.6 per cent compared with October, and by 23.5 per cent compared with November 2000.

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