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1. Reuters: Yeltsin well after heart check-up in Berlin clinic.
2. Reuters: U.S., Russia to begin nuclear reductions talks.
3. Wall Street Journal: Guy Chazan, Berezovsky, His Influence on the Wane, Alleges Putin's Involvement in Bombings.
4. BBC Monitoring: Chechens welcome fugitive tycoon's words on Moscow, Volgodonsk explosions.
5. BBC Monitoring: Russia's Putin stresses importance of new judicial and pension laws.
6. Interfax: Head of national power grid says Russia should not miss its chance. (Chubais)
7. Moscow Times: Boris Kagarlitsky, New Labor Learns to Lobby.
8. Asia Times: Marjorie Farquharson, Russia on the rack over torture.
9. Financial Times (UK) letter: Pascal Lamy and Chris Patten, EU backs Russia's accession to WTO.
10. Reuters: Russian officials probe rights abuses in Chechnya.
11. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Anders Aslund's policy brief, Building Capitalism: Lessons of the Postcommunist Experience.
12. nationalreview.com: Nikolas Gvosdev, The Key to Russian Stability. It's not the ABM Treaty.
13. US Department of State: U.S. Ambassador on New U.S.-Russia Relationship, Media Freedom. (Alexander Vershbow at Moscow State University)