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1. Reuters: Top Russian official warns of arms legal vacuum.
2. The Times (UK): Clem Cecil, Russian ban on euro will cause havoc.
3. Reuters: Russia expects U.S. to consult over war - Putin.
4. Financial Times (UK): Putin under pressure. The president knows what needs to be done to make Russia an attractive partner for the west. Andrew Gowers, Robert Cottrell and Andrew Jack find him patient and pragmatic.
5. Financial Times (UK): Transcript: Interview with Vladimir Putin.
6. Moscow Times: Andrei Zolotov Jr., A More Conservative SPS Emerges at Congress.
7. Wall Street Journal: Thaddeur Herrick and Jeanne Whalen, OPEC, Russia Are Moving Back To Stalemate Over Output Cuts.
8. The Times (UK): Roger Boyes, Yeltsin to have heart surgery.