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1. Los Angeles Times: John Daniszewski, Disregard for Health Is Killing Russians. Europe: As pollution and alcoholism raise the death rate, economic uncertainty lowers the birthrate, creating a demographic crunch.
2. Newsweek: Christian Caryl, A New Arms Game. Bush scraps a treaty, ends an era, and Moscow... shrugs. What just changed?
3. AP: Jason Keyser, A decade later, Russian Jews and Israel have profoundly changed each other.
4. The Independent on Sunday (UK): Leo Lewis, Russia and Opec in new oil-price battle.
5. The Russia Journal: Otto Latsis, Russians abroad need help. The state should help would-be immigrants.
6. Reuters: Kazakh leader predicts decade of growth, harmony.
7. Newsday: Paul Saunders, Withdrawal Imperils U.S.-Russian Bond.
8. New York Times: Patrick Tyler, The Morning After Dawns on Moscow.
9. The Guardian (UK): John O'Mahony, Russia's lost tribe. In a controverial social experiment, a Jewish social experiment, a jewish autonomous state was set up in Siberia in 1928. Despite the terrors of Stalin and Hitler, John O'Mahony finds it still intact, a frozen mini-Zion. (Birobidzhan)