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Compiled by Luba Schwartzman (luba7@bu.edu)
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Monday, December 10, 2001

- December 10th is International Human Rights Day, and the defense of civil rights was at the top of the agenda at today's cabinet meeting. Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the protection of Russian abroad. Later in the day he met with representatives from the Organization of Russian Ukrainians. President Putin declared that it is vital to strengthen Russian-Ukrainian relations.

- The final statements of the prosecution and defense for Chechen terrorist Salman Raduev and his accomplices will be delivered this Thursday.

- Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Fleet Vladimir Kuroedov has arrived at the North Fleet to introduce its new commander, Vice Admiral Gennady Suchkov.

- The problems of developing the diamond-mining industry were discussed at a special Kremlin meeting. The Yakutian ALROS diamond company will enter an agreement with De Beers -- the government will not take part in the decision-making process, but will continue to review the work.

- Aleksandr Belkin, the head of a regional police department in Murmansk, has been arrested for abusing his position.

- New Year's celebrations are under way in the predominantly Buddhist republic of Kalmykia.

- A new, powerful hydro-electric generator was launched in Daghestan. RAO-UES (Russia's Unified Energy System) head Anatoly Chubais attended the ceremony.

- President Putin met with US Secretary of State Colin Powell to discuss a number of questions, including the situation in Afghanistan and nuclear arms reduction.

- An investigation into the problems of the Maritime regional Duma elections has been initiated. Due to low voter turn-out, elections were recognized in only 18 of the 39 okrugs. Two commissions will visit the region to work on the site.

- Final results are being counted in the presidential election in the unrecognized Transdniester region. According to preliminary reports, incumbent Igor Smirnov is the winner. Former Bender Mayor Tom Zenovich will challenge the vote in court.

- President Putin discussed Russian-NATO relations with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

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