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JRL #5589 Contents:

1. Reuters: Powell marks new alliance with Russia on terrorism.
2. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Russia wary of postwar US goals. US moves in Central Asia may be on today's agenda when Secretary Powell meets President Putin.
3. Moscow Times: Megan Twohey, Moscow Got What It Wanted in Kabul.
4. Forbes Magazine: Benjamin Fulford, Energy's Eastern Front. (Sakhalin)
5. Forbes Magazine: Benjamin Fulford, A Bridge Too Far. (re Japan)
6. Chicago Tribune: Melita Marie Garza, In Russia vs. OPEC, U.S. gets the win.
7. Lucy Komisar: Swiss govt mixed up in Russian nuclear materials traffic.
8. Reuters: Russian youth shuns army draft.
9. Time Magazine: Jeffrey Kluger, The Nuke Pipeline. The trade in nuclear contraband is approaching critical mass. Can we turn off the spigot?