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Nezavisimaya Gazeta
December 4, 2001
Decorate a Room with Putin’s Portrait
Thirteen portraits of the Russian President – the most fashionable Kremlin present
By Mikhail Sidlin

What kind of a New Year present is to be given this time? This question is no longer asked in the Kremlin and the Government. They know the answer - a loose-leaf calendar with portraits of President Putin. There are 13 of them - from skeptical Putin (January) to sad Putin (December). Only faces over the dates. A "genius of judo" on the front cover shows the president sitting in the lotus pose.

The calendar, a new work by Dmitry Vrubel and Viktoria Timofeyeva, has already become popular with officials - Vrubel said telephone calls "from above" are heard pretty often in his flat nowadays.

An exhibition called "Putin's Twelve Moods" will open in Starokonyushenny Lane in downtown Moscow.

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