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JRL #5575 Contents:

1. Los Angeles Times: John Daniszewski, Georgia Accuses Russia of Bombing It This Week. Diplomacy: Moscow plays down allegations but agrees to joint investigation at anniversary gathering of Commonwealth of Independent States.
2. Russki Zhurnal: Kirill Yakimets, Russia as "the Potemkin's America." Russia's PR-related foreign policy task is to appear not so much as a West-friendly nation but rather a West-like one.
3. Reuters: Pro-Putin parties form juggernaut in Russia.
4. AFP: More than half of Russians unfit to serve in army: general.
5. The Russia Journal: Alexander Golts, Last stand for Russia’s outmoded generals. The president is likely to approve plans for a professional army.
6. The Russia Journal: Otto Latsis, No cause for oil panic.
7. San Jose Mercury News: Wolfgang Panofsky, Bush and Putin didn't really reduce the world's nuclear risk.
8. CBS.MarketWatch.com: Michael Collins, For foreign investors, a different bear. Experts advise caution as money heads back to Moscow.
9. CBS.MarketWatch.com: Michael Collins, Outsiders in an insider's market. Commentary: Understand Russia before investing.
10. Financial Times (UK): Andrew Jack, A better class of baron: Russia's oligarchs used to be notorious for flouting the rules. But as the downturn boosts their international clout, the country's oil magnates are playing by the book.
11. RFE/RL: Michael Lelyveld, Putin Raises Questions About Gazprom Profits.
12. Vremya MN: RUSSIAN REFORMS: TEN YEARS ON. Interview with the executive director of the Expert Institute, Andrei NESHCHADIN