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JRL #5574 Contents:

1. Financial Times (UK): Robert Cottrell, The promise of capitalism has yet to be realised: A decade of painful reforms is now paying off and the economy has been expanding fast for the last three years.
2. The Independent (UK): James Palmer, Child poverty has grown in Eastern Europe since 1989.
3. Reuters: No strategic concessions to US -- Russian general.
4. Interfax: Russian top brass downbeat on relations with NATO.
5. The Economist (UK): Russian finance. Bang on time. What's this? Russia redeeming its debts?
6. New York Times editorial: Russian Oil Power.
7. New book: Postcommunism and the Theory of Democracy. Richard D. Anderson, Jr., M. Steven Fish, Stephen E. Hanson, and Philip G. Roeder.
8. Novaya Gazeta: Valery Shirayev, AT ALL COSTS. The United States has bought its victory in Afghanistan. For Russia it is always easier to pay in lives.
9. Asia Times: Sergei Blagov, Eurasian railway plans off track.
10. Baltimore Sun: Douglas Birch, Afghan exiles in Moscow look anxiously homeward. Harassed and beaten, most long for return.
11. AP: Ex-Heads of Soviet Republics in Moscow.
12. Novaya Gazeta: Valery Klimakov, WHAT IS THE DIRECTOR OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ADMINSITRATION INVOLVED IN? Voloshin the businessman suspected of having used state funds.
13. Vek: POLITICAL CONSULTANT GLEB PAVLOVSKY: THERE WILL BE SEVERAL SHOCKS. Interview with Gleb Pavlovsky, head of the Effective Policy Foundation.