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Russian general praises US operations in Afghanistan

Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 27 November: Aleksandr Lebed, governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory and former Russian security chief, said the current US-led military operation in Afghanistan was the only means to eliminate the global threat of terrorism.

"The war in Afghanistan will be long and ruthless," Lebed told Interfax, because "several generations of people have grown up in the country who know nothing except for a fanatical faith in Allah and war. They have grown up with confidence that one must die easily and merrily because, according to their faith, real life begins after death."

But he said he was sure the Americans would be able, at the cost of heavy losses, to seize power in Afghanistan and form a new government there. The degree of Russian "representation" in it would depend on how much Russia helps the United States in its armed operation, he said.

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