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Compiled by Luba Schwartzman (luba7@bu.edu)
Research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology and Policy
at Boston University

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

- The oil pipeline running from the Caspian Sea has been officially opened in Novorossiisk.

- Starting 1 January 2002, Moscow residents with incomes are above 8,500 rubles per family member will have the option of paying the full maintenance fees -- from 800 to 1,500 rubles.

- A group of doctors from the Zashchita medical emergency center are preparing to leave for Afghanistan.

- An operative group from the Emergencies Ministries has arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan to inspect the old Russian embassy complex and decide whether it will be renovated, or rebuilt in a new location.

- A congress of cardiologists is taking place in Moscow.

- The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation has passed a resolution protecting buyers of import cars from corrupt customs officials.

- Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov has refuted reports that Russia sent a hundred soldiers to Afghanistan.

- Russian President Vladimir Putin chaired today's meeting of the Russian Security Council. The Council discussed mobilization and national emergency preparedness.

- Starting on 1 January 2002, working senior citizens will receive full pensions.

- Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov met with President Putin to discuss the state of affairs in Chechnya, military aspects of the situation in Afghanistan, and military construction and purchases for 2002.

- President Putin also met with deputy Prime Minister Valentina Matvienko to discuss salaries to government employees, including doctors and teachers.

- A number of hiigh-ranking officers of Russia's Interior Troops are meeting in Novocherkass for a military-scientific conference.

- The Russian government has begun consultations about the 2002 budget with representatives from State Duma factions.

- An All-Russian meeting of Emergency Ministry officials is taking place in Moscow.

- Leonid Bochkov, the general director of the Eastern Port died from bullet-wounds he received last night.

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