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Novoye Vremya
November 25, 2001
[from WPS Monitoring Agency, www.wps.ru/e_index.html]

According to polls done by the Monitoring.ru Group, headed by A. Milerkhin, 40% of Russians do not trust the media at all, while 35% of respondents trust the press, the remaining 25% are not sure if they trust or distrust the media. If compare the media with other social institutions, first of all the people trust the president of the country - 22%; the press shares the second place with the church - 7% each. Twice as few people trust the Duma, the government, political parties, and law enforcement bodies; and only 2% of respondents trust the trade unions. Maximally people trust the central television - 49%, second place hold the central periodicals, first of all papers - 11%; 9% of people trust the local television, and 7% of respondents trust the central radio stations as an information source.

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