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JRL #5563 Contents:

1. BBC Monitoring: Russia prepared for as much cooperation as NATO is ready for - Putin.
2. The Russia Journal: Andrei Piontkovsky, Time to plan a real military coalition.
3. Detroit Free press: Mike Thompson, Poverty still rules in Russia. Corruption stymies capitalism's potential.
4. Los Angeles Times editorial: In a Word, Zdorovo.
5. UPI: General: Army to start turning pro in 2005.
6. Glasgow Herald (UK): Ian Bruce, Russia gives vital maps to CIA. Spetznaz experience passed to US troops.
7. Interfax: Putin exceeds expectations - Gorbachev.
8. The Russia Journal: John Helmer, Will world keep in tune when Russia plays swing?
9. The Economist (UK): Jaw-jaw at last. A gleam of hope for peace in miserable, war-weary Chechnya.
10. Moscow Tribune: Stanislav Menshikov, DILEMMA IN OIL. Cutting Production Is Essential.
11. Moscow Times: Oksana Smirnova, Russia's Prison Culture: Inside and Out.
12. Los Angeles Times: John Daniszewski, Glasnost to Glass House. Russian reality show has contestants shedding clothes and cavorting before millions, raising questions about moneymaking and decency on state TV.
13. BBC Monitoring: Russia closes its northernmost industrial centre to foreigners. (Norilsk)
14. The Globe and Mail (Canada): Michael Den Tandt, Russians aren't likely to cut crude output any time soon.