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JRL #5561 Contents:

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

1. Boston Globe: Joanna Weiss, To a Russian, with lust.
2. Interfax: Russia appreciates West's change of heart on Chechnya - security chief.
3. Moscow Times: Andrei Zolotov Jr., Civic Activists Storm the Kremlin.
4. Vremya Novostei: VLADIMIR PUTIN: STATES ARE JUDGED BY THE LEVEL OF INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. Excerpts from President Vladimir Putin's speech at the Civil Forum.
5. Luba Schwartzman: ORT Review.
6. Reuters: Russia ready for deeper oil output cut.
7. The Economist (UK): OPEC v Russia.
8. BBC Monitoring: Russian economic expert finds positive aspects to oil-price fall. (Sergey Vasilyev)
9. Interfax: Russia should not join OPEC - Putin's aide. (Illarionov)
10. Moscow Times editorial: Russia Right To Brush Off OPEC.
11. Peter Lavelle: Untimely Thoughts - Unity as banality (re The Unity Party and its most recent irrelevant victory).
12. Reuters: NATO chief urges new level of ties with Russia.
13. Financial Times (UK): Andrew Jack, Russia seeks more parity with Nato: Putin approves move towards reforming Russian armed forces in a step that may eventually end conscription.
14. Argumenty i Fakty: Olga Gladkova, PUTIN'S OBSCURE FOLLOWERS. Analysis of President Vladimir Putin's economic team.
15. Itogi: Leonid Radzihovsky, Peace After War. Russia and the U.S. must realize they are united not by the "common criminal" bin Laden, but by a common civilization.