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JRL #5554 Contents:

1. Reuters: Chechen says optimistic after Moscow talks.
2. AP: Kremlin Starts Talks With Chechens.
3. Reuters: Low oil prices could dim Russia growth hopes-Kudrin.
4. Moscow Times: Natalia Yefimova, Will Bonhomie Smooth Bumpy Road?
5. Victor Kalashnikov: US-Russia friendship.
6. Christian Science Monitor: Francine Kiefer, Ties warm despite gap on missile shield. Bush and Putin align against terror - and for a broader US-Russia relationship.
7. Financial Times (UK): Andrew Jack, Russian oil chief rejects calls for export cuts. (Khodorkovsky)
8. BBC Monitoring: Russia TV investigates "secret recruitment" for Afghan war in Russia.
9. The Observer (UK): Burhan Wazir, India's Left rails against 'perverse' movie on Lenin.
10. Wall Street Journal: Guy Chazan, Putin's Diplomacy Causes Fear in Russia Of Making Too Many Concessions to U.S.
11. Boston Globe editorial: Putin on the line.
12. AP: Rice: U.S. Nearing Arms Treaty Limit.
13. The New Republic: Peter Beinart on why we'll avoid the USSR's fate in Afghanistan.