Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
Excerpts from the JRL E-Mail Community :: Founded and Edited by David Johnson

JRL #5551 Contents:

1. The Russia Journal: Its too early to say Russia has turned corner. Analyst Clifford Gaddy outlines hurdles ahead for the economy. (interview)
2. Luba Schwartzman: ORT Review.
3. The Economist (UK): Arms and the men.
4. Obshchaya Gazeta: Andrey Piontkovskiy about Putin's break with the policy of the political elite toward the US: "A Stolz in the Kremlin."
5. Vremya MN: Leonid Radzikhovskiy, Test of Strength. (Political Crisis Sure To Follow Economic Slump)
6. Reuters: Russia's economic focus switches to US from OPEC.
7. The Times (UK): Michael Evans, Blair plans wider role for Russia with Nato.
8. The Russia Journal: Dmitry Pinsker, Kremlin tames civil society.
9. Reuters: Russia rules out peacekeepers for Afghanistan.
10. UPI: Nicholas Horrock, The True Russian Nature.