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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001
From: Clifford Grammich <grammich@rand.org>
Subject: RAND on Russian demographics

Several weeks ago you were kind enough to post an announcement to Johnson's Russia List about a RAND publication on Russian demographics. We have just published some research briefs summarizing research in this monograph. May I please ask you to post the attached announcement (with embedded hyperlinks) about these to Johnson's Russia List?

Earlier this fall the Population Matters program of RAND published Dire Demographics: Population Trends in the Russian Federation. We have now issued three research briefs that summarize the main policy implications of this report.

The first of these briefs, co-sponsored by the RAND Center for Russia and Eurasia, is entitled "Dire Demographics Cast a Shadow on Russia's Future." It discusses the policy implications of population trends in the Russian Federation, including for security and social welfare issues.

The second brief discusses how "Improvements in Contraception Are Reducing Historically High Abortion Rates in Russia," and what the Russian record indicates about efforts to curb abortion rates through improved contraceptive access.

The third brief on "Russia's Mortality Crisis" discusses health care policy implications of the high death rates in Russia, including the changes in health care funding or education that might be indicated.

The RAND Population Matters program seeks to highlight the importance of population policy issues and to provide a more scientific basis for public debate over population policy questions.

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