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Friday, November 09, 2001

- The Russian General Prosecutor's office feels that the Georgian position on Chechen fighter Ruslan Gelaev is in violation of international law. An official document has been sent to the Georgian Prosecutor's office requesting that local authorities arrest Gelaev and extradite him to the Russian Federation.

- Demonstrators clashed with Belarusian police in the Minsk suburb of Kurapaty -- the burial site of thousands of victims of Stalinist repressions. The Belarusian government is expanding the highway circling Minsk and the protesters think that the road will go over the graves of the victims of mass repressions. The Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs declares that there are no graves under the projected route. Twenty of the demonstrators were detained.

- Some of the log entries from the Kursk nuclear submarine have been decoded. Fifty-six bodies have been removed from the submarine so far; fifty-four of these have been identified.

- The Russian Media-Center, a Russian-Ukrainian organization of journalists is being created in Kiev. Russian President Vladimir Putin's declaration of 2002 as "The Year of Ukraine in Russia" prompted journalists of the two nations to open up this dialogue. To improve communication and understanding between Russian and Ukrainian journalists, the Russian Media-Center will help them to find information and organize special meetings with key personalities.

- Today's session of the Georgian parliament has been extended until midnight, as deputies try to elect a new speaker to replace Zurab Zhvania. The candidates for the post are: Nino Burjanadze, the chair of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs; Vazha Lordkipanidze, the former Georgian ambassador to the Russian Federation; and Jemal Gogitidze, the chairman of the parliament's largest faction, "Revival."

- Fighting between Chechen fighters and Russian special forces broke out in Argun last night. During the two incidents eleven fighters were eliminated, fifteen wounded and one arrested.

- An MI-8 helicopter carrying 11 people has disappeared in Yakudia. Search and rescue efforts are underway.

- The Russian Foreign Ministry has made an official statement concerning the liquidation of the Russian military base in Gudauta.

- The Russian government will support the requests of Russian oil companies to cut exports -- the question will be officially reviewed next week. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov noted that $20-25 a barrel is a fair price for oil.

- A monument to officers of the GUBOP (State Department for the Fight Against Organized Crime) who have fallen in the line of duty has been dedicated in Moscow in anticipation of the Police Officers Day. In Kaliningrad, a parade was held in honor of the occasion.

- The Ministry of Justice will submit a new draft law on the fight against extremism to the State Duma in the near future. The new law will have provisions for criminal responsibility parameters and administrative measures.

- A bomb went off in a sales stand near a police station on Sadovo-Samotechnya Street in Moscow. The booth was destroyed, but there were no casualties. An investigation is underway.

- A Russian Emergencies Ministry airplane carrying humanitarian supplies for Afghanistan has arrived in Kirghizia. This is part of an international humanitarian program. Three hundred trucks will deliver about 18,000 tons of foodstuffs -- most importantly flour and oil to Afghanistan.

- Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov is traveling to New York to attend the UN General Assembly.

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