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From: Lozansky@aol.com (Edward Lozansky)
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001
Subject: News Conference

For immediate release

News Conference with Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) on Thursday, November 7, 2001 at 5.00 PM

Place: Russia House, 1800 Connecticut Avenue, NW Dupont Circle Area
Tel. 202-986-6010, Fax 202-667-4244, E-mail: Russia@RussiaHouse.org

Press Release

A group of US Congressmen led by Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) is urging US government to take a radically proactive and positive approach towards relations with Russia. In a document titled "US-Russia Partnership-A New Time, A New Beginning" the caucus is suggesting a whole new approach to improve relations between the two countries. Mr. Weldon will present the document that has been signed by over 100 Members of Congress and is expected to be delivered with bipartisan support to the White House and the Kremlin on the eve of Bush - Putin summit next week. Russian translation of the document has been prepared by the Institute of the United States and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Director Sergey Rogov).

The document makes specific recommendation on a wide range of issues for cooperation in agriculture, economic development, science, education and culture, environment, health care as well as defense, space, aeronautics, and other areas.

The document calls for a new approach in building a ' new security framework" that is based on improving US and Russian security "to combat terrorism" and "halt the spread of missiles and weapons of mass destruction."

The document recommends that a new high-level dialogue must begin - similar to the 1992 Ross-Mamedov talks to discuss proposal for a Global Protection System, close cooperation in ballistic missile defense and joint operations with NATO. The congressional leader recognizes that "Moscow has repeatedly proposed working with Washington to combat terrorism." Without mentioning Chechnya, the document calls for a support for " Russia's war against terrorism in central Asia." In a significant pointer towards developing ties between Russia and China the document calls upon the US administration to "preempt the emergence of an anti-western Sino-Russian alliance" by pulling Russia closer to the West.

Edward D. Lozansky
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