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Putin's "Drumsticks" to be Sent to Afghanistan (Zavtra)
Russian military registration and enlistment offices have been turned into Chicago butchery's branches

By Alexander Prohanov
November 7, 2001

Americans start recruiting Russian veterans of the Afghanistan war and they think that these brave soldiers are just the best force to win the Taliban. TV channels are crying out loud about this recruiting, Internet sites tell the same. Those in Kremlin, the Russian Ministry of Defense and Russian liberal politicians keep silence.

Coffins wrapped in star-stripped banners with dead "Navy Seals" have started accumulating in Pakistan mortuaries. One will not find any coffins with killed Russian men in Termesa or Kushki mortuaries. Instead, some dirty refrigerator in the middle of nowhere will be piled up with headless, disfigured corps of Russian men from Tula and Ryazan. They would be the ones who had been tempted by a stack of dollars to feed their starving families, to get rid of their low spirits, to see, like in their young days, the nacre mountains of Gindukush, breathe in some sweetish kishlak air and, sitting on a tank armor, to feast one's eyes on a passing woman with her rosy, as a flower, paranja.

The Kremlin power is perfidious, hysterical and inconsistent like a courtesan. At first, like a virgin, she announced about its full and unconditional abstention from the U.S. military operation. Then, after giving it a thought and throwing some numbers in a calculator, she announced that she would not be opposed to the humanitarian use of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan airports. Later, having received a golden ring from her rich client, she agreed to put her air corridors at humanitarian freights disposal.

Now, after having received a substantial advance payment, she is revealing some laces on her thighs, letting the U.S. recruit Russian soldiers.

There is a law that bans hiring mercenaries. When the U.S. bombed the Serbs and American tomahawks were tearing women and children apart, many Russian guys rushed across the borders with Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary to help their Slavic brothers. Those guys were chased, taken to prison and sent back to Russia. What has changed now? Is it for real that the Russian Themis got a star-stripped bra?

Putin's Russia is a source of raw materials for the West. They take oil, gas, aluminum, lumber and rich soil. They also take beautiful women for parlor houses in America and Europe, organs for implantation for some rich patients in Israel. Now they also take our boys to use them as cannon fodder by butchers in the Pentagon. Russian military registration and enlistment offices have been turned into Chicago butchery's branches.

Twenty years ago young Soviet soldiers inspired by the idea of serving their Motherland and saving Soviet republics from threat of fundamentalism, crossed the Afghanistan border. Where are you now, you, who accused them of being occupants and butchers? Why don't you explain Russian boys now that it is not worth to die for America?

Before the Chechen war started we had seen some Russian missionaries. Those soldiers were betrayed by their own country during the offense on Grozny. Wounded tankers in bloody bondage under Chechen machine-guns beseeched their government for help but got neglected by everyone who was to be responsible for their lifes.

If patriotic deputies, intelligent people of high moral and religious men won't raise their voices against those who trade Russian blood, we will soon watch on Katar Al-Jazeera TV a blond young man with his ears cut off and his nose torn out, begging in Russian for help. And Putin will help. He is the patron, after all.

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