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Wednesday, November 07, 2001

- Many different groups gathered to mark the day today. About 1,000 members of "Red October" -- activists of small local radical left organizations marched from the Kaluzhskaya Square first, carrying Stalin's poster. They were followed by a column of CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) members. Another rally took place at Theater Square, where 7 to 8 thousand people listened to speeches by leader of "Labor Russia Viktor Ampilov and CPRF leader Gennady Ziuganov.

- Later in the day, about 10,000 members of "Moving Together" walked from Moscow's Gorky Park to the Kropotkinskaya Metro station, wearing aprons with the slogan "Time to Clean Up" and picking up trash on the way to throw it into special white containers at the end of the walk. Similar actions were conducted in about 50 other cities.

- The anniversary of the October Revolution was celebrated not only throughout the Russian Federation, but also in almost all of the former Soviet republics -- even those that don't have November 7th as an official holiday.

- Today is not only the 84th anniversary of the revolution -- five years ago, Boris Yeltsin's presidential ukaz named November 7th the Day of Acceptance and Agreement. It is also the 60th anniversary of the historic wartime parade, in honor of which about 1200 people gathered to march through the Red Square.

- Federal Security Service and Moscow police officers discovered an ammunition and explosives cache on Staryi Gai Street in Moscow. This was the largest single storehouse discovered in ten years: 3 grenade launchers, 10 machine guns, 10 carbine rifles, 40 guns, a cannon, dozens of grenades and a large amount of bullets and explosives were removed.

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