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Tuesday, November 06, 2001

- Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee have signed a declaration on the fight against international terrorism and a number of agreements on trade and economic cooperation.

- The first incident of bio-terrorism has been registered on Russian territory. Anthrax spores were found in Yekaterinburg, in the correspondence of the American consulate.

- The US embassy in Moscow has resumed consular operations and visa processing. James Warlick, the American Consul General in Moscow, has emphasized that no changes have been made to the requirements for getting an American visa.

- Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov chaired a cabinet meeting to discuss tariff policy for 2002. He explained that "it is necessary to complete the formation of tariff policy and to make it clear and predictable."

- A ceremony was held in Kursk to commemorate the eight of the submariners who died last summer. Irina Liachina, the wife of the commander of the nuclear submarine named after the city and Vyacheslav Popov, the commander of the Northern fleet attended.

- Twenty medical workers at a hospital in the Maritime Region's Shkotovo settlement have announced a hunger strike, demanding unpaid wages. The last time they got paid was in June. Irina Bocharova, one of the nurses told journalists: "What's the point? We can go hungry here, or at home. I can't even give my child five rubles for the school lunch."

- A ceremony will be held at the Mayakovskaya Metro Station to celebrate the 60th anniversary of a historic war-time meeting of the MOSSOVET (Moscow Soviet of People's Deputies).

- Dmitry Kozak, the deputy head of the presidential administration conducted a press conference on judicial reform today. He told journalists that some State Duma factions are setting political conditions in anticipation of the State Duma review of the draft. In addition, judges are unhappy about the decision concerning their immunity.

- President Vladimir Putin met with the leaders of the Federation group of the Russian upper house.

- The Georgian Parliament has not been able to elect a new speaker to replace Zurab Zhvania.

- Adjarian leader Aslan Abashidze has arrived in Moscow. Officially, he is visiting to discuss cooperation between Moscow and Batumi, but many feel that his mission does not end here. Abashidze is one of Georgian President Edvard Shavarnadze's main critics. He is convinced that without cooperating with Russia, Georgia will not be able to solve any problems.

- Ship builders in Severodvinsk are repairing the second Indian submarine in four years.

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