Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
Excerpts from the JRL E-Mail Community :: Founded and Edited by David Johnson

1. Washington Post: John Newhouse, A New Alliance Could Nudge Aside the Old.
2. UPI: Ustinov: Second blast fatal for Kursk.
3. AFP: Dmitry Zaks, From Cornerstone To Relic: Russia Makes Painful Shift On ABM.
4. Baltimore Sun: Will Englund, Turn of seasons, terns of the sea. Ornithologist: Decades spent at a remote nature reserve have left a scientist more in tune with Arctic birds than with the tourists the Russian government wants to send him.
5. Newsday: Liam Pleven, World's Largest Anthrax Burial Ground. Many fear germ will be carried from Uzbek island.
6. The Russia Journal: Vladimir Mukhin, Splintered loyalties in anti-Taliban alliance.
7. Washington Post: Susan B. Glasser and Peter Baker, Putin Faces Strong Pressure To Cash In on Russia's Support.
8. The New Republic Online: Benjamin Smith, Power Failure. Citizens of former Soviet states know what a crumbling empire looks like and think we're next.
9. Financial Times (UK): BOOKS: Civilisation and its discontents: John Lloyd on how Russia's window on the west, a 'hero city' in war, survives in peacetime. (St. Petersburg)