Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
Excerpts from the JRL E-Mail Community :: Founded and Edited by David Johnson

1. Reuters: Russia ends Cold War chapter by quitting Cuban spy base.
2. BBC Monitoring: Putin announces withdrawal from Cuban and Vietnamese bases.
3. BBC Monitoring: Russian defence capability said unaffected by closure of bases abroad.
4. BBC Monitoring: USA should reciprocate for closure of Russia's foreign bases, says analyst.
5. Luba Schwartzman: ORT Review.
6. Moscow Times editorial: No Wonder The Mood Is So Upbeat. (re economy)
7. The Independent (UK): Steve Crawshaw, Chechnya doctor accuses West of ignoring brutality.
8. AFP: US to press Russia on Chechnya in Shanghai talks: Powell.
9. The Nation: Stephen Cohen, 2nd Chance With Russia.
10. BBC Monitoring: Businessman Kokh keen to buy Gazprom's media empire.
11. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, From the cold war, lessons in combating anthrax. Russia offers stockpiles of vaccine and bioweapons research to the US.
12. Carnegie: Anatol Lieven, Fighting Terrorism: Lessons from the Cold War.
13. strana.ru: Sergei Markov, "The Enlargement of Agencies is Politics" A fundamental administrative reform will be its logical continuation.
14. Baltimore Sun: S. Frederick Starr, Afghan Northern Alliance makes a dangerous friend.
15. Reuters: Breakthroughs unlikely at Shanghai Bush-Putin talks.