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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009
Subject: Afghanistan and Russia, new report in English and Pushtu and Russian
From: scheilih <scheilih@gmail.com>

The present analytical and programmatic report, The Path to Peace and Concord in Afghanistan Will Be Determined by the Position Russia Takes, has been prepared by the Russian Institute for Demography, Migration and Regional Development in association with the Development Movement, an interregional public organization. The main goal of this report is to propose theses for discussion in order to elaborate a new policy on Afghanistan for Russia.

Presentation of this report is a first public step toward developing new ideas for RussianAfghan cooperation. These efforts should result in the proposal of a new Afghan policy by the expert community.

As the next step, we propose to hold a project conference in Moscow on Afghanistan development problems, at which politicians, public figures, developers and experts could draft the concept of a Comprehensive Afghanistan Development Plan.

The Institute for Demography, Migration and Regional Development welcomes cooperation from all interested parties and organizations. Questions and suggestions on the report: kroupnov@kroupnov.ru