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Russia awaiting US ABM proposals, is ready for discussion - PM's press secretary

Moscow, 6 March: Reconsideration by the new US administration of plans to deploy missile defence elements in Europe would be a really good signal of Washington's mood for the restoration of Russian-American relations, the Russian prime minister's press secretary, Dmitriy Peskov, believes.

"If the USA's original plan to deploy this shield in Europe will be somehow reconsidered, or if we indeed receive some concrete counter-proposals from the USA, taking Moscow's interests into account, it will be a good signal because we were talking precisely about this from the very beginning," Peskov said in an interview to Golos Rossii [Voice of Russia] radio.

He emphasized that Russia and the USA must avoid worrying moments in bilateral relations, which plans for the creation of an anti-missile shield in Europe pertain to. "We are receiving very positive signals and we welcome them," said Peskov.

"We want our voice to be heard," the prime minister's press secretary noted. "We have never tried to damage anyone's interests and have never tried to upset the strategic balance. But we also do not want other countries to do so."

According to him, if Russia's partners are concerned about threats emanating from other regions, Moscow is ready to discuss ways of fighting these threats with them.

"But we will not be a country, to which it is possible to dictate decisions and whose interests it is possible to disregard," Peskov said.