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Chechen leader vows to track down top rebel regardless of his train attack role

Groznyy, 2 December: The president of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has said that armed rebel leader Doku (Dokka) Umarov will be killed as an international terrorist and enemy of the Chechen people, irrespective of his involvement in the bombing of the Nevskiy Ekspress (train).

"Umarov is an international terrorist and the creation of foreign special services. He has nothing in common with the Chechen people. We will get him wherever he is. He will answer to the full extent of the law for his evil deeds," Kadyrov said in a statement published by the Chechen president's press service.

"Not only is Umarov unconnected with the Chechen people, but for us, the entire Russian people and me personally he is enemy number one," the head of the republic said.

"Irrespective of whether or not he was linked to the bombing of the Nevskiy Ekspress, he has on his conscience many other heinous crimes committed in the Chechen Republic. We are constantly looking for him.
Law-enforcement and special service units are dealing with this," the president of the Chechen Republic said.

"As regards statements that the train was bombed allegedly on Umarov's orders, that is nothing new. A few months ago they were claiming responsibility for the disaster at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station. In the past, the infamous Salman Raduyev claimed responsibility for all terrorist attacks," Kadyrov recalled.

"For Umarov, there is nothing sacred. It is possible that by claiming responsibility for this terrorist attack, Umarov wants to rise in the estimation of his foreign patrons because, thanks to our joint steps with the Federal Security Service and other federal agencies, he has recently been driven into a corner and his gang has been suffering losses," Kadyrov said.

He did not rule out, however, that "with his statement, Umarov and his entourage want to send the investigators on the wrong track".

Kadyrov stressed that, on the instructions of the country's leadership issued at a meeting in Sochi in the summer, more than 150 armed rebels, including leaders of armed gangs, had been destroyed in special operations over the past few months.

The majority of them were killed in neighbouring Ingushetia, the president added.

"Force structures are not the only ones fighting terrorists and bandits. Deputies, administration heads and ministers, with the support of the entire population, are also actively involved. In the fight against terrorists, we have lost people who were most near and dear to us. More than 1,000 Chechen policemen have died in this struggle in recent years," Kadyrov said.

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