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Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009
Subject: New NATO/Russia paper
From: Andrew Monaghan <a.c.monaghan@gmail.com>

The publication by the Kremlin on 29 November of a draft European Security Treaty in time for the OSCE Athens Foreign Ministerial (2nd-3rd December) and the NATO-Russia Council (4th December) emphasises the ongoing importance Moscow attaches to the Medvedev proposals for a reconsideration of the European security architecture. This volume edited by Dr. Andrew Monaghan of the NATO Defence College provides an overview of the Medvedev proposals, the various responses to them so far from the OSCE, EU, and USA and the evolving Corfu Process. Other chapters include assessments of NATO's changing role and the underlying themes and misperceptions in NATO-Russia relations.

The volume also assesses some of the key themes of the European discussion, assessing different understandings of "common" and "mutual" terms and issues, including the indivisibility of security. Two thematic chapters examine the contemporary importance of arms control and the emergent issue of the security of energy supply.

Further information and related publications on Russian foreign and domestic politics can be found at http://www.ndc.nato.int/research/series.php?icode=3 and http://www.ndc.nato.int/research/series.php?icode=9

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