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Russian diplomat calls for patience in dealing with Iran

Moscow, 25 October: Moscow hopes that the scheme of fuel deliveries for the Tehran research reactor put forward by Russia, the USA and France with the IAEA's assistance will cardinally dampen the passions surrounding the Iranian nuclear programme and is calling on the members of the talks process "to arm themselves with patience".

"Russia has no evidence that Iran is engaged in nuclear research of a non-peaceful nature. Moreover, the IAEA documents on Iran give no grounds for such concerns either. But there are people who remain unconvinced by these assertions. If implemented, the scheme for the Tehran reactor will make it possible to cool down emotions and give a realistic assessment of the situation," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister
Sergey Ryabkov said in an interview which will be published in the Vremya Novostey newspaper on Monday (26 November).

Answering a question about whether there is an hour X before which Tehran has to give answers to all the questions the West has, Sergey Ryabkov said that "Iran has answered very many questions and resolved a huge part of the existing raft of problems".

"There are still some outstanding issues, and work on them is continuing. Interpretation of the negotiating tactics of an individual country is, after all, a question of political preferences. We can't pretend now that nothing has changed because there have been changes, especially taking into account the latest developments. On the contrary, the Iranians should be provided with additional stimuli. But this can't be done if we proceed from the premise that the Iranians are procrastinating," the deputy foreign minister said.

He pointed out the fact that "in this month alone concrete and potentially effective solutions have been found". "This doesn't happen very often. It can't be ruled out that the process won't continue with the same intensity. But everyone should arm themselves with as much patience as possible and focus on stepping up the dynamics that has emerged thanks to the efforts of the "Group of Six" and Iran itself," the deputy minister said. He stressed that "by and large, Iran is showing readiness for cooperation with both the IAEA and others. It's a good sign."

"This project is a brainchild of multilateral talks, for instance, the two-day discussions in Vienna on 19 and 20 October. But we must remember that this is precisely a project. It has been submitted to all the interested parties for consideration and possible comments. Iran has not confirmed its consent officially yet. But we expect that the necessary step will be taken and that the agreement will be acceptable for the Iranian side too," the deputy foreign minister in charge of the project said. (Passage omitted)

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