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Subject: Now online: Russian Conservation News Issue #44
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009
From: "Judith Deane" <Deane@americancouncils.org>

Since 1994, Russian Conservation News (RCN) has been the only English language magazine dedicated to the wilderness areas of Northern Eurasia – unique natural habitats of global significance for preserving bio-diversity and combating climate change. Our Fall 2009 issue is our first truly bilingual one, with articles in both Russian and English. Each article features a summary and a vocabulary list to help students of both languages. In this issue, you’ll learn about solutions that communities in Russia and Alaska have found to protect polar bears; a joint project tracking endangered fish owls in the Russian Far East; a high school exchange between students from Chukotka and Anchorage; and much more. Click here https://www.americancouncils.org/rcnListPublic.php to download a free copy today to learn about the natural wonders of Eurasia, and see how you can contribute to preserving them for all of us.

Judith Deane
Editor, Russian Conservation News
American Councils for International Education
1776 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC 20036
tel: (202) 833-7522 fax: (202) 872 9178



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