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EU report on Russia-Georgia conflict shows evolution in perception - pundit

Moscow, 30 September: The conclusion reached by the independent international commission investigating the causes of the 2008 conflict in the South Caucasus that responsibility for unleashing the conflict lies on Georgia indicates an evolution towards an adequate perception of the August events on the part of the international community, the president of the Politika foundation, a member of the Russian Public Chamber, Vyacheslav Nikonov, has said.

"Clearly, these conclusions indicate that many members of the international community, in particular the European Union, have undergone an evolution in the perception of the conflict in the South Caucasus. As regards the EU, the number of (Georgian President Mikheil) Saakashvili's supporters there has rapidly decreased, with just 'the new Warsaw Pact', as it were, remaining, with Poland, a number of East European countries and the Baltic states," Nikonov told Interfax on Wednesday (30 September).

"Of course, in some EU countries the August 2008 events are still being presented as a 'big minus' for Russia. But on the other hand, Europe has admitted that the biggest minus lies with Tbilisi. Against the backdrop of the Georgian minus, Russia's minus in the EU does not look too big," he added. (Passage omitted)

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