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Chechen president praises Medvedev's article, pledges republic's support

Groznyy, 10 September: Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev's article "Forward, Russia!" published on the internet (by the Gazeta.ru news website) will be widely discussed in Chechnya and will be supported by real work, the republic's President Ramzan Kadyrov has said.

"I am sure that in our republic, and across the whole of Russia, interested discussions on the Russian president's proposals will develop. We are ready to support him in this undertaking and to do everything required of us to implement them," Kadyrov said in an interview to Interfax.

"The Russian president is calling us to a dialogue about the fate of the country. It is a brave step. But by entering dialogue each of us - from a leader of any level to ordinary citizens - should engage in real work," Kadyrov believes.

"The five principles, about which Medvedev speaks, are simple, and at the same time extremely important for each of us, for the future of our children and grandchildren," the Chechen leader emphasized.

"The Russian president honestly and frankly voiced the problems facing our country and named ways to solve them," Kadyrov added. "The head of state is prepared to take the responsibility for the future of the country and its people."

"At the same time, Dmitriy Medvedev is calling for society to share this responsibility, not shifting it to some-one's shoulders," Kadyrov emphasized.

"As the leader of one of the North Caucasus regions, the words of the president about the problems of this territory are very close and understandable to me. Dmitriy Medvedev, on the one hand, made it clear to everyone that the fight against armed groups will be harsh, no-one will be allowed to keep the population in fear, in tension; it will not be allowed to make an attempt on the live of civilians and employees of the law-enforcement agencies," the Chechen leader said.

He also noted that in the article Medvedev "does not limit himself to these harsh statements and says that the problem of the North Caucasus is wider than the fight against bandits". "It is necessary to resolve socio-economic issues. It is necessary to create jobs, to restore the economy, the level of education. Indeed this is extremely complex, significant funds are needed. But without this approach the trouble spot will smoulder for too long, diverting large resources," Kadyrov explained.

"The president speaks about issues of morality, about the harm of drunkenness, the problems of demography. Whether we want this or not, these are the most acute issues," he continued. "A country cannot turn into a great, powerful, strong state if the disease of drunkenness and immorality are not overcome; it is necessary to raise family values to the proper level".

"Medvedev says frankly that it is necessary to move from stating the demographic problem to resolving it. It is already an issue of national security: who will build, serve in the army, if such a trend continues," Kadyrov noted.

"It makes an impression on me that the Russian president speaks about the impossibility of permanently being in the ranks of economically backward countries and resolving problems by means of exporting raw materials," he emphasized. "This is indeed humiliating - to sell raw materials and to buy even consumer goods from abroad. Only the feeling of responsibility by each Russian for the fate of his country will move us forward, make the world powers regard our state with respect".

"We in Chechnya not only fully support the positions of the head of state set forth in the article, but, I am sure, we will make a real contribution in order to put into practice the principles voiced by the Russian president," Kadyrov said.

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